Yemen Company

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Oil and Minerals


About our company

YICOM was established in January 1989, under law No.(1) in order to explore and exploit oil , gas and minerals in the area located between Marib and Shabwah governorates, Known as block (5) Jannah.

  • YICOM’s assets as the end at 2013
    (YR 78.397.569.855) billion.
  • YICOM’s capital ($84) million the
    end of 2013.
  • YICOM’s share of Crude Oil in 2013
    is $15.7 Million.
  • Net Profits of Current Activities the
    end of 2013 Proximate $47 Million.
  • YICOM’s Financial Reserves as the
    end of 2013 YR 124.54.


Since the company is a partner in Block (5) and (4) it acts as a principle and agent for the Government and itself in terms of supervising all activities in Block (5) and (4) respectively. YICOM owns subsidiary companies that specialize in oil field services in terms of Logistics, transportation, and catering. Sincere appreciation goes to the unlimited support and encouragement that YICOM receives from the Ministry and the prudent political leadership of the country. We welcome all international companies which are seeking a partnership in Yemen, and looking forward for investment opportunities by all means, strategic alliances, and joint operations with international oil companies in the field of E&P.

By the year 2014, Yemen Company For Investment in oil & minerals has Reached the age of 25 since its genesis. Taking into consideration the fact of oil companies' life cycle, we know for sure that 25 years is not that long life span with respect to what YICOM has accomplished. This was the ending result of cumulative efforts afforded by elite human capital (technical, administrative, financial, etc…), and above all the permanent support from the political leadership depicted in his Excellency the president of the republic, as well as the government embodied in all of oil ministers who occupied the ministry of oil and minerals during the past years. This support in return gave the senior management that led the company over the years the motive, and the ability to make the company embark the ladder of success. YICOM believes that growing from within & the key to success requires applying state of the art technologies and reflect it in every aspect of our daily activities to attain continuous improvement.



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