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YICOM has a longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship. To produce energy responsibly, while expanding our operations to meet growing global demand for energy, we will continue our efforts to understand and actively manage our environmental risks. These efforts include using natural resources efficiently and eliminating or minimizing potential impacts to land, water, air and wildlife. YICOM provide the locals with electricity by setting up a power generation station working on natural gas.


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Latest News

Honors Retirees
Date: 8/7/2013

YICOM honored on Monday July 8th, its retirees, who retired in the last five years in a ceremony in Sana'a.

TCM & OCM Meeting
Date: 30/4/2013

These meetings are held twice a year for discussing the main issues that is related to operation management in block 5.

Presidential Decree
Date: 14/2/2013

A presidential decree announcement for appointing Engineer\ Ahmed Shaif Harmal as Executive General Manager for YICOM.

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